Computer Repair Services

  • Custom built PC’s

    computer repair services

    Fully custom build your pc to suit your specific needs or budget.recycle old computer
    A custom built computer can have a maximum amount of memory installed on the motherboard and a very large hard drive space including SSD’s. Peripheral equipment can be taylored to users needs.

    And we recycle

    recycle your old computer here free !

  • Memory and hard drive upgrades

    computer repair services

    As prices keep dropping on hard drives and memory ram, it is strongly recommended to double the performace and speed of your pc for a fraction of the price. Solid state hard(SSD) drives are a very good option for keeping your data safe while adding unmatched performance.

  • Performance-speed restore

    computer repair services

    For a small charge we can optimize your pc if thats all it needs.
    Don’t let your computer sit in the dust. Most of our customers are ready to buy new machines when in reality their “old Pc’s” can easily be restored and upgraded. Just let us take a look at it!

  • Clean install of operating system

    computer repair services

    Clean install of operating system with backup and restored files
    All your data can be saved and restored for no extra charge if you feel the need to bring your machine back to factory state.
    This process guarantees your computer to be in perfect working order. We go above and beyond in the procedure of making sure that all service packs and windows updates are installed including drivers updates/upgrades minimizing the possibility of blue screens occuring. Lifetime antivirus is free with clean install.

  • Blue screen, no screen, black screen

    computer repair services

    This is also part of the start up or boot up service procedure. Diagnostic is simple in most cases and there is no need to worry. Your files can be retrieved without a problem.

  • Data recovery

    computer repair services

    We can help you undelete accidental deleted files. With our software we can recover formatted, lost or deleted data wether be photos,music,video or documents.

  • Internet connections

    computer repair services

    A house call might be necessary at times, but you do need to call us to troubleshoot the kind of problem you’re having. If it’s a laptop bring it to our shop so we can take a look.

  • Spyware and virus removal

    computer repair services

    Expired antivirus licenses are mostly to be blamed for this problem.
    Removing any malware is only part of the service that we provide; as part of the job your computer will also be optimised for best performance and any other problems will be corrected, while adding as a finishing touch lifetime malware and virus protection.

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Mon – Sat 9 :00 am – 6:00 pm


  • Windows recovery/clean Install
  • Virus & malware removal
  • Back up/restore even from failing and crashed hard drives
  • Motherboard repairs – Laptop PC or Mac books
  • Cracked screen replacement
  • Start up/Boot up problems
  • Internet connections
  • Windows upgrades/software


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  • E-commerce websites
  • Personal websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Brand Management
  • Printable Graphics
  • Web Hosting
  • SEO Services
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