MacBook Pro repair services – iMac repair services

Whether MacBook pro’s or iMac’s we service all year’s models

MacBook Pro and iMac repair services

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MacBook Pro repair services

  • Water damage or any liquid spill damage
  • Battery and power
  • Cracked or damaged LCD/LED screen
  • No power/shorted out board
  • Defective keyboard and touchpad
  • Turns on no video
  • Logic board repair/replacement

repair services

iMAC repair services Cleveland

iMac repair services

  • Slow - boot issues - shuts down
  • OS X Upgrades and Hard Drive replacement
  • No power / no video
All repairs covered by warranties
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Macbook Pro
repair services

Macbook Pro repair services Cleveland

Other Mac Services

  • File recovery
  • Operating system and memory upgrades

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